Unmatched Services from a

Prominent Presence

Locally owned Diamondback Painting is conveniently located at 118 N. Pioneer Dr. in Abilene. Unlike other painters who may operate out of a truck or from a post office box address, we are always available to you for advice or to speak to us about warranty work or work performance.

Our staff includes:

Our painters average eight years of painting experience. We prefer to hire for the attitude and train the skill, valuing a cohesive, positive-minded and focused workforce. Our services are unmatched.

Price or Value:

Finding Balance

You have to watch out when you see estimates varying dramatically. Proper surface preparation accounts for as much as 70% of all labor on a project, while sub-par surface preparation counts for almost 100% of the reason why paint jobs fail.

Unscrupulous contractors will cut back on caulking, sanding, priming and the amount of paint itself. These details will be noticed only months later.

Diamondback Painting’s trained employees are seasoned painters who continuously train and enhance their skills within our standard practices. We never use subcontractors. With our standard approaches, we are able to ensure a high-quality finished project.

Protection for You and

Your Property

To safeguard your property, Diamondback Painting always ensures two layers of protection for every surface we walk on or that are exposed to our tools. This means heavy-duty craft paper on hardwood floors or a heavy-duty plastic sheeting on carpets. They are then covered with a canvass drop cloth.

For your convenience, we clarify with you where we can set up our work station and park our cars, which restroom we can use and where we can clean up. We also make sure job sites are cleaned up daily.